Guidelines issued for safety of students in Odisha schools

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Visitors to produce identity before entering schools in OdishaBhubaneswar: In a bid to ensure safety of school children across the state and to avoid incidents like the brutal murder of a seven-year-old boy inside Ryan International School in Gurgaon, the Odisha government on Thursday issued several guidelines for parents of students and contractual staff of the schools.

According to the guidelines issued by the School and Mass Education Department, each and every visitor will have to produce their original identity cards.

All contractual staff of a school should be hired only after verification of their identity through Voter I Card or Adhar Card etc and a thorough check of their antecedents Besides, CCTV cameras should be installed at all strategic locations of the school premises.

Below are the new guidelines issued by the School & Mass Education Department

During access to school campus:

  • No vendors shall be allowed inside the school premises during school hours. Teacher should strictly adhere to the ‘no meeting’ policy with visitors during school hours.
  • All visitors should be given a photo ID, subsequent to which they should be issued a visitor’s pass which they will have to wear during their stay in the campus of the schools.
  • The parents, guardians, house-help and drivers should not be allowed to enter or leave the school premises without showing their identification.
  • The vehicles of the vendors and staff should be checked at the entry and exit point of the school.
  • All the support staff should be frisked by the school security both on arrival and before departure.

Safety measures to be ensured during school hour:

  • Teachers should be allotted duties to monitor traffic in the morning as well as break and lunch. This ensures that the children are under surveillance at all times.
  • The administrative staff have to take periodic rounds of washrooms, lunch areas, class rooms and open spaces during and after school hours.
  • CCTV cameras have to be installed at strategic locations and monitored throughout the day by responsible persons.
  • A head count of students from the campus or at the time of alighting from the bus at the designated stop should be strictly against the presentation of the identity card by the student, the gate pass by the attendant or the parents.
  • Gate passes should be issued for any change of mode of transport or if the identity card is not available. This should only be done against a note sent by the parents.
  • Students who need to leave the school premises during school hours are to be handed over to the parents or the authorized person after proper verification.
  • All contractual staff must be hired only after thorough antecedents check and identity verification through Voter I Card or Adhar Card etc. Police verification is also to be carried out for such staff.
  • Awareness must be generated among school children to avoid enticement from strangers.

Measures to be taken in the school buses.

  • The busses may be fitted with CCTV cameras and GPS systems to track their location.
  • There should be teachers on duty in school buses.
  • Female attendants should be on duty in every bus and should be present till the last stop.
  • Security guards are to be sent on all school trips in junior school. They should also accompany staff and students, if the timing so requires (early morning or late evening).
  • The antecedents of the bus driver and cleaner and helper should be verified by the school authorities.
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