7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ajwain


Ajwain is a spice, small oval-shaped seed like fruits and brown in colour that are consumed by humans. It is often called Ugragandha in Sanksrit and belongs to an annual herb in the family Apiaceae.

Ajwain seeds contain nutrients, fat, protein, fibre, sugar and calories that are added to curries, pickles, dal tadka and many more cuisines. Ajwain seeds, oil, flowers and extract hosts amazing and numeral health benefits.

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Here are some of the amazing health benefits of ajwain seeds:

REMEDY FOR WOUNDS: Ajwain seeds are rich in source of thymol antioxidant that acts a strong fungicide and treats infections, injuries and wounds.

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GOOD FOR PREGNANT WOMEN: Ajwain water is an ayurvedic marvel that helps to clean the uterus, stomach and solve the issue of irregular periods of pregnant women.

TREATS COLD: Ajwain seeds contain thymol that is effective for respiratory problems such as common cold, cough, asthma, bronchitis and nasal congestion.

REMEDY FOR STOMACHACHE: Ajwain has active enzymes that helps to boost our digestive functions by facilitating the release of gastric juices and prevents indigestion and stomach pain.

HELPS TO GET RID OF ALCOHOL: People who consume alcohol excessively can reduce craving for alcohol after taking decoction of ajwain with warm water twice a day.

REMOVES KIDNEY STONE: Ajwain seeds along with mixture of honey or vinegar help to dissolve kidney stones and remove with urine within 15-20 days.

AJWAIN TEA BENEFITS: Ajwain seeds are rich in source of macronutrients and micronutrients. Ajwain tea has medicinal benefits that help in gaseous, antiseptic, antipyretic and expectorant problems.


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  1. Fiona Manonn says

    You have written quite an impressive and well-detailed article for the kidney patient. The points that have been mentioned here will surely help the kidney patient enhance my knowledge of ajwain.
    Fortunately, diet can be an effective tool in managing and preventing kidney stones. Staying hydrated and avoiding certain foods that are high in salt and sugar, and pairing calcium with oxalate rich foods are important elements of a kidney stone diet.

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