World’s Oldest YouTuber Mastanamma Passes Away At 107

By- Md. Mojahid Raza

Andrakashari Mastanamma, 107, from Andhra Pradesh had shot to fame a couple of years ago when a YouTube Channel named Country Foods started showcasing her unbelievable culinary skills to the world. The grandmother first came to light when two media persons from Hyderabad, K Laxman and Srinath Reddy, had shared a video of her preparing eggplant curry. In no time, Mastanamma became a star, a sensation and the oldest food YouTuber star in the world.

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Her YouTube channel Country Foods became famous because of her ever-smiling cute face and the way she cooked some really delicious items with most basic ingredients and utensils. Most of Mastanamma’s cooking took place on a kuchcha choolha in an open air kitchen, located at her native village Gudiwada in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. Her videos became immensely popular on YouTube and Mastanamma had 1.2 million subscriber spread all over the world. Last year after her birthday, Mastanamma was seen talking about a greeting card she had received all the way from her fans in Pakistan.

Pic Credit- Lokmat
Pic Credit- Lokmat

After winning hearts of people from all across the globe with her simple style cooking skills, Mastanamma passed away on Tuesday at the age of 107 after a period of prolonged illness. Post this, the YouTube channel Country Foods showcased her last rites so that subscribers and fans can pay their last respects to the ‘great grandmother’ cook.

Mastanamma’s cooking consisted of local and unusual dishes made from simple ingredients. On internet, she became a sensation as the grandmother with a toothless smile, best known for making the combination of watermelon and chicken go viral. Her most famous dish were the rich eggplant curry and spicy catla fish curry, which garnered huge popularity all over.

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Being a passionate cook, she used to peel all her vegetables and fresh produce with hand. After this, Mastanamma would grind all her spices in an old pestle and mortar. All the dishes she prepared were recorded and posted on the YouTube channel which was started by her distant relative in 2016. At present, the channel consists of over 200 videos in which Mastanamma is seen preparing some really unusual dishes in her country kitchen.

The legend of Mastanamma stands tall. She is an example of the fact that passion is the energy that comes from doing what excites you. She inspired chefs and cooking enthusiasts from around the world who will remember her as the passionate grandmother who loved cooking. Rest in Peace Mastanamma. You will be missed.

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