Meet Abhisekh Gautam Who Has Tattooed The Names Of 560 Indian Army Martyrs On His Back

New Delhi: Tattoos are a personal expression that stay with a person all his life. They come in various styles, shapes and sizes. Tattoo making is a flourishing business these days and almost every person wishes to get inked. Off lately, these impressions have become a style statement which people proudly flaunt. While some get tattoos of various trendy styles, there are others who get the names and initials of their loved ones inked on their bodies.

However, 30-year-old Abhisekh Gautam from Hapur took the craze for tattoo to another level. An interior designer by profession, Abhisekh has 593 tattoos on his back that includes 560 names of Indian Army martyrs.

Gautam says that he has spent six hours daily to get the names inked on his back. “These days, getting inked for loved ones is the maximum thing that can be shown as a gesture of love. People often tattoo the names of their partner but for me, the love for the country is beyond anything. The Indian Army is always there for us and there are many soldiers who have died for the nation. So getting their names inked on my body is a tribute for them,” Abhisekh told Mail Today.

Pic Credit- India Today

He further reveals that the idea of doing such a thing came to him last year when he had visited Leh along with friends. During the journey, the Indian Army had saved one of his friends and made sure they were safe and comfortable all along. Thus, as a tribute to the brave soldiers of the Indian Army, Abhisekh decided to get inked.

For one complete year, he researched the names of martyrs and met few of their family members. Then he contacted a tattoo artist in Delhi who designed the entire tattoo and started inking him.

However, this wasn’t easy for him as many people advised him not to do so. “Before getting tattoo, I consulted doctors who suggested me not to go for it as it will be a long process and the body might react for continuous tattoo process. But I still went for the procedure,”says Abhisekh. None of his family members including his wife were unaware that he got inked.

Speaking on Patriotism and his love for the nation, Abhisekh says- “Now days, people’s patriotism is temporary. They get patriotic on 15th August, 26th January or during India-Pakistan cricket match. Else they are least bothered. I could not join Indian Army but I want to feel patriotic every day. And these tattoo remind it to me every day,” said Abhisekh.

Pic Credit- Navbharat Times

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