Are you an Airtel user: Use Airtel Safe Pay to make a safe and secure payment

If you are an Airtel user, then making your payments through your smartphone can become safer. Thanks to Airtel Payments Bank, the customers can make the transactions in an easier and safer way. The Airtel Payments Bank offers a feature called Airtel Safe Pay for its customers. The Airtel Safe Pay enhances the security on the transactions made through this platform.

For those who are unaware about Airtel Payments Bank, it is a subsidiary company of Bharti Airtel and provides digital banking services to its customers. Whenever a user makes a transaction on Airtel Payments Bank, the Airtel Safe Pay delivers real-time alerts on the smartphone of the customers. Users receive a notification before a transaction. The account holder has to approve the transaction to proceed. As the account holder approves the transaction it is completed.

How to enable ‘Safe Pay’ for transactions

In order to enable the safe pay feature on the Airtel Payments Bank users have to follow some simple features.

  • Open Airtel Thanks App
  • Go to bank section/ payment settings
  • Search for a Secure Pay option and then click it
  • The Safe Pay option has been enabled

Enabling the Safe Pay option will keep your transactions safe from various payment frauds. Banking frauds like Phising, stealing of credentials, identity cloning can be avoided by just enabling safe pay option. The Safe Pay uses Airtel Network Intelligence to send alerts to users mobile number. The best part of the Safe Pay is that users are not charged for responding to Safe Pay alerts.

The only thing a user needs to be conscious about is that they should be within the area of network coverage.

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