Full “Flower” Moon of May 2022: 3 Zodiac Signs To Get Most Affected By It

The full ‘flower’ moon of May, that will take place on May 15, will bring intense transformations in all zodiac signs. The lunar event will reveal hidden truths and offer opportunities to release things that are holding us back. Although this lunar eclipse is likely to have its affect on every zodiac signs, some chosen ones will be highly affected by it.

Lunar eclipse can only happen during full moon, which is a period of high emotional energy. A lunar eclipse brings radical changes in everyone’s life, brings end to long battles, emphasizes suppressed feeling, and even tends to blur our intentions. Since the emotional transit is taking place in the metamorphic, and sensitive water sign, Scorpio, it is likely to bring disruption in the life of people with zodiac signs who will be most affected.

The lunar event is taking place alongside Mercury retrograde in Gemini, which means it is time to keep fear aside and let truth prevail.

Read further to know if your’s is one of the signs that will get most affected by this lunation, and what all changes are most likely to occur.



Major transformation are coming Aries, prepare yourself for an intense roller coaster ride of your life. This lunation will force you to face your karma. It will also invite radical changes in sectors like finance, opportunities, and bring end to an era. Don’t forget, every ending brings a new beginning. Listen to your intuition, let go of what you feel like is over. This is also the right time to asses what changes you need to bring to your life. Take the eclipse as an opportunity to bring balance to the karmic scales and clear space for the next chapter in your life.


Things between you and your partner are not quite in a peaceful place right now. On the top, the eclipse will conceal your vision. This lunar event will let you go back in time mentally, and see through the memories into making you rethink your relationship. With all the changes you have been working on for so long, you may have failed to notice how your goals have shifted as well. Now is the time to realise what you really want and work accordingly. Lunar eclipses allows a person to grow with the transformation it brings. This coming event will let you know that old ways of doing things won’t work anymore in order to move forward.


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Scorpio, the time ahead is going to be tough for you. The Flower Full Moon of May will be holding a mirror up to your strengths, weaknesses, and suppressed emotional needs. The realisations will ask you to make effort for self love, even if it means cutting ties with people, situations or bad habits. Major shifts in your self-identity is likely to take place, as well as your vision towards others. You will experience changes in your relationships and people who doesn’t fit in your new self-worth won’t make it to your life anymore.

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