India Has Stakes In Afghanistan, Its Co-Operation Necessary: Pak Minister

New Delhi: For the first time in history, Pakistan has acknowledged that India has stakes in Afghanistan and that its cooperation is necessary for bringing peace in the war-torn land-locked nation.

Speaking at the National Assembly on Monday, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Pakistan alone could not bring peace in Afghanistan as the task is a “shared responsibility” of regional countries including India.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that peace could not be established in Afghanistan through military power. Today the US, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Taliban also wanted a solution through dialogue,” The Express Tribune quoted Qureshi as saying.

“Some meetings have taken place (among key stakeholders) for the establishment of peace in Afghanistan. India also has stakes in Afghanistan and its cooperation will also be needed,” added Qureshi.

Interestingly, Pakistan perceives India’s development contributions in Afghanistan as part of New Delhi’s strategic encirclement policy.

Meanwhile, the US has indicated that it plans to give a role to India in Afghanistan, whereas Pakistan’s stance over the years was quite clear that India had no role to play in Afghanistan.

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