Brazilian Court orders President Bolsonaro to reveal COVID-19 test reports within 48 hours

Brasília: A Brazilian Court has ordered President Jair Bolsonaro to reveal his COVID-19 test reports before the court within 48 hours.

According to G1 broadcaster, Federal Judge Ana Lucia Petri Betto has ordered the Brazilian president to present his COVID-19 test reports before the Court within given time of 48 hours.

A fine  will be implemented on Bolsonaro if he fails to submit the test reports during the given time, said the Federal Judge.

The court’s order came in the wake of the Brazilian president’s visit to USA in March. Bolsonaro met the U.S. president Donald Trump to discuss political and business matters between the two countries.

Brazil has an estimated total of more than 92,000 Covid19 positive cases and a death toll of 6410, till present date.

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