WhatsApp Message Offering 1,000 GB Free Data Is Fake

New Delhi: Have you received a WhatsApp message offering 1,000 GB ‘Free Data’? If yes, then don’t fall for it because this is spam message that has been circulated to a number of users as part of a campaign for monetisation based on user reach.

Cybersecurity firm ESET was the first to report this fake news and it reported that the campaign was being hosted on a domain that was not WhatsApp’s. Upon clicking the link the user will be taken on a survey which will take you a series of questions in the form of a survey.

While you would be responding to the questionnaire, the site would invite you to pass along the offer to at least 30 more people in order to qualify for the big reward. Needless to say, this is merely a way to boost the campaign’s reach, the researchers said.

This happens to be a widely followed monetisation scheme which relies on ad clicks for revenue generation said ESET. Back in 2017 a similar scam circulated around WhatsApp which promised to unlock free internet access but instead downloaded third-party malicious apps on your device or made the user subscribe to costly SMS services.

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