Facebook Planning To Merge Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram Messaging Service

New York: According to reports, Facebook is planning to integrate its messaging services viz. WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger by the end of this year or by early 2020. According to The New York Times, these service will have their underlying messaging infrastructure unified but will continue to operate as Individual apps after the integration.

This proposed plan will require thousands of Facebook employees to reconfigure how all these messaging services work at their most basic levels and will come with end-to-end encryption, which is already supported by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This will enable a Facebook user send an encrypted message to someone who has only a WhatsApp account.

Combining these messaging services will keep the Facebook’s billions of users highly engaged inside its ecosystem. Besides, it will directly compete with Apple’s iMessage as well as Google’s services.

It is also expected to boost advertising business across these platforms. Through the step, Facebook aims to build the best messaging experiences for fast, simple, reliable and private messaging.

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