Apple Watch Series 7 likely to be announced at iPhone 13 launch event but with limited availability

Tech giant Apple is likely to unveil the upcoming iPhone 13 series on September 14. However, a recent report said that the production of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 has been delayed.

Amidst the rumours regarding the uncertainty of Apple Watch Series 7 launch, a new report has claimed that the upcoming Apple Watch Series might launch but will have limited availability.

The current disappointing production quality could be attributed to the complexity of design, which is significantly different from that of previous generations of the watch, the report said.

However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman believes that Apple Watch Series will be launched as early as September but but its availability will be limited.

Gurman has stated three possibilities for the launch of the Apple Watch Series 7. He said that the company will either delay the announcement while the manufacturing issues are being resolved or launch it on time but put it on sale with limited stock, or the announcement moves forward but shipping is delayed for the Watch Series 7.

Out of the three possibilities, Gurman believes the second option is most likely what Apple will choose.

Like its previous launch event, Apple will launch the watch in September but there may be a “mix of the models shipping late or in small quantities,” Gurman said.

Apple Watch Series 7 Specifications (Expected)

Apple Watch Series 7 is highly speculated to feature with a new design and look. The new design is likely to include flat sides and a larger display with thinner bezels. The company is facing trouble trying to get the  production on track to meet the September schedule because of the display.

The flat sides will add a newness to the Apple Watch, as the company is probably looking to harmonise the flat look across the iPhone, iPad, and Watch products.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is said to come in a 41mm and a 45mm model which will be larger than the existing Watch Series 6. It will also have a body size that measures 1.9 inches diagonally, up from 1.78 inches.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is also rumoured to include a smaller S7 chip that uses double-sided technology for module miniaturisation.

As per reports, the smaller S7 chip will allow more room for other components.

Reports have also suggested that Apple will use a bigger battery or new health sensors for the upcoming watch series.

The tech giant is also expected to introduce improved wireless connectivity and an improved U1 Ultra Wideband chip.

However, apart from its design, the health features and other specifications and sensor is likely to be the same as that of current Watch Series 6.

Apple is likely include a blood pressure sensor and a body temperature sensor in next year’s Apple Watch Series 8.

But, you should note that all this information about the Apple Watch Series 7 is from rumours and more specifications will be known in the coming days.

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