Apple launches redesigned online store with dedicated Store tab

The Apple Store website has got a brand new look and a dedicated tab on Apple’s top-level navigation following a short downtime. The Apple Store was down on Tuesday for just about an hour before it emerged with the new look.
At the top of the online store, the company offers images and links to many of Apple’s product lines (Mac, iPhone, AirPods, etc.).

Some of those links will redirect users to a new dedicated Store pages for the products, which show you the models are available, shopping guides, accessories, and other information that you may need to know.

On the main Store page, there are also sections for what’s new, links to support pages, and more that Apple is highlighting.

The new redesigned webpage is filled with cards which somewhat reminiscent of Apple’s Store app for iOS and offers neat white spaces and better browsing experience for the users.

The new website page has smooth horizontal scrolling between cards on phone which makes it easy to navigate. There, the site surfaces arrows you may need to tap on.

However, there are not many changes on the pages for buying a product as it does not have many differences from its previous old page.

The redesigned apple store page has emerged ahead of what’s expected to be a busy fall for Apple as the company has been rumored to launch the iPhone 13, new AirPods, and new MacBook Pros soon.

Apple is set to launch iPhone 13 that is likely to support faster-charging speeds with a 25W power adapter, compared to the current limitation of the iPhone 12, which only supports fast charging at up to 20W.

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are expected to feature LTPO displays, which will not only provide users with a better viewing experience with ProMotion 120Hz refresh rate but may support always-on functionality.


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