Alert iPhone 13 users! Your phone could be hacked, Be careful of these things to protect it

Now-a-days, smartphone manufacturers are paying more attention to phone’s safety and security while developing them as the rate of hacking has increased in compared to previous years. However, the hackers still find ways to get into users phone through various methods. Though the Apple iPhone 13 is being equipped with latest technology and features, it can still get hacked as hackers have multiple methods to hack the device.

Most of the time, the smartphone gets hacked because of the user rather than the phone. As the security quality of smartphones have increased, the hackers have changed their way of infecting the device with an  invincible virus or malware to hack a phone. Now, they simply manipulate the users to install the virus/malware on the smartphone. After the virus id installed they can easily take your important data or even stael your money.

So, you need to know about the ways the hackers can hack your device or lure you to install a virus and know the ways you can protect your smartphone by avoiding it. We have listed some of the ways below.

Hacking Through Wi-Fi

The first thing you need to do is avoid connecting to internet on Public WiFi networks. Hackers can easily break into mobile phones via these Public WiFi networks. Such open networks come up with very basic questions seeking information about the users and after getting the details they want they track down the device easily and access all information in it.

Hacking through URLs

This method is also known as Phishing. With this method, hackers will usually send you a link that promises certain rewards, exciting offers and gifts. However, these links are usually redirected to pages that ask the users to register. Upon registration, the hacker steals the information provided and uses them to hack the users’ phone.

Hacking through Apps

Apple iPhone has App store while the Android phones have Play store. We have heard many times about malicious apps spotted in Play store. And like, Play store the App store also has some of these apps. While the App Store is pretty secure for more malicious apps. However some apps which are not trying to actively steal your money and disguise themselves as a functional application still stays hidden under the radar. These apps ask for a lot of unnecessary permissions and steal your data and personal information which the hacker later uses to break into mobile phones.

Apart from all of these, the hackers could use the old method of impersonating a friend or some reputed institution or well-known organization and ask for bank transfers or information sharing, then steal the same and use it against the account holder.

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