Huge python wrapped in woman’s feet! Watch what happens next

One of the largest snakes in the world, python swallows its prey alive whether it is human or any animal. A video is becoming increasingly viral in social media in which a python is seen wrapped in a woman’s leg. This video from Australia is surprising social media users. Because, the python has completely gripped the woman’s leg. Perhaps he wanted to make the woman his victim, but the reward was that he could not make the woman his victim and he was caught.

It is being told that the first python tried to hunt a cat. During this time, the woman’s eye fell on the python. After that the woman tried to save the cat from the python, then the python left the cat and clung to the leg of the woman. After that the woman extracted herself from the python’s clutches with the help of the police

The incident reportedly took place in southeastern Queensland, Australia, where a huge python was wrapped in the legs of a woman and the woman had to seek the help of the police to get her out of the python’s clutches.

It can be seen in the video that a dragon is wrapped in the leg of the woman and a police officer is trying to remove the dragon. The video of this incident has been shared by Queensland Police on Facebook. However, during this time the woman stood calmly and kept trying to free her feet from the clutches of the dragon. The length of the dragon is said to be 10 feet. Thankfully the police reached the spot in time and rescued the woman from the clutches of the dragon. Otherwise the dragon could also kill the woman.

This video is now becoming increasingly viral in social media. Watch the video. (Credit: Queensland Police Service)

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Python Viral Video

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