Don Not Search These Things On Google, Otherwise You May Have To Go To Jail

In today’s digital age, we search on Google for the solution of our every problem. Use Google to know everything from illness to food recipes. But Google has all kinds of results. Sometimes the things mentioned on Google are right but sometimes wrong. But do you know that the most important thing is that you may have to go to jail for searching the content on Google. So whenever you do some search on Google, search with great thought. Today we are telling you about such content, do not forget to search on Google otherwise you can get into trouble.

Do not search on how to make a bomb

Don’t forget to search on Google for making bombs. You can also go to jail because of searching the method of making bombs or anything related to it. Let me tell you that as soon as you search such a thing on Google, your IP address will reach the security agencies directly. After this, the security agencies can take action against you. You may even have to go to jail.

Do not search on Google

If your health is bad and based on your symptoms, you are searching on Google which disease you have. Also, if you are searching medicines on Google to recover from that disease, do not forget to do so. Your health can be worsened by the medicines given on Google.

Do not search your Email ID on Google

Keep in mind that never searches your personal email login on Google. By doing this, your account may be hacked and password leaked. After which, through your email ID, you can also get caught in a scam.

Do not download mobile apps directly from Google

When we do not find any app on Play Store or Apple App Store, then we start searching on Google. In this affair, we often download fake apps, which along with damaging our device, steal our personal data. In such a situation, you can download an app from Google Play Store or App Store itself.

Customer Care Number

Nowadays fake customer care numbers are given on many sites on Google. Many times we do not know the customer care number of a company, in such a situation, we resort to Google, but searching any customer care number on Google can prove to be harmful. With this, you can become a victim of some kind of fraud. When you call such a number, your number reaches the hackers. After which hackers can execute cybercrime by calling you on your number, which includes incidents like SIM swap. Therefore, whose customer care number is to be taken, go to the official site and take the number.

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  1. Mom says

    Who wrote this? And who’s the moron who edited this? You know nothing about what you write. Stop misleading people

  2. Nilesh says

    How can there be so many glaring editing errors in a news article. This by the way is clearly copied copiously, inputs credit should be changed to Copied From.

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