King Cobra Vs Lions: Watch who wins in a hair-raising fight!

The intent is full of viral videos. The videos may be of human beings and their actions or else that of animals and their activities including fights. You might also have seen wild animals fighting with each other on the Discovery channel.

You also might have seen the wild animals give such tough competition to each other that it becomes difficult to say who is going to be the winner of their fight. One such video of the hair-raising fight between a King Cobra and lions has now come to the fore.

The video has been shared on the YouTube channel named Reptile’s Story. In this video, it can be seen that a pride of lions is playing together. In the meantime, a dangerous and poisonous King Cobra appears on the site and attacks them. And what happened next will definitely give you goosebumps.

Watch the video here: (Source: YouTube/Reptile’s Story)

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