Woman lawyer brutally assaulted by Karnataka man in public: Watch viral video

A video has gone viral recently where we can clearly see that a man is brutally assaulting a woman in public. As per reports, the man, who has been identified as Mahantesh from Karnataka, is seen assaulting a female lawyer in the viral video.

Mahantesh, a man from Karnataka’s Bagalkote district was arrested for assaulting a female lawyer over personal enmity regarding a civil dispute case. An 8-second video of the assault has gone viral on social media, reported India Today.

Reports say, Mahantesh assaulted the lady lawyer over a land dispute in broad daylight. The whole incident has been recorded by someone and the video has been uploaded to twitter. The video has gone viral where many people have condemned the assault.

Aarif Shah posted the video to Twitter and captioned, “Man brutally assaulted a lawyer in Vinayak nagar, Bagalkot, Karnataka. He has been identified as Mahantesh.”

In the video we can see that the man first kicks the woman in her stomach. Resultantly, she took a few steps back in pain. Mahantesh went on assaulting her. He slapped her hard a few times. And he continued to kick and slap her.

Further report says, on the basis of the video, Bagalkote police have arrested Mahantesh and charged him with assault. The woman and Mahantesh are said to be neighbours.

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