High-Grade Military RDX Used In Pulwama Attack: Probe


Srinagar: Preliminary probe by the National Security Guard and forensic teams of other govt agencies revealed that the Pulwama attack was ‘very well planned’ and high-grade military RDX explosives were used in carrying out the blast.

The forensic teams are still working on the possibility of other mixtures being used with the RDX explosives. Reports show that more than 150-kilogram explosive was used for the attack that was laden in the SUV driven by the suicide bomber Adil Ahmad Dar alias Waqas Commando.

In their report on preliminary findings after visiting the blast spot, experts said although RDX is a “very stable” explosive and the one used in the car bomb may have been brought to India months back, it was definitely assembled in India and that too within a range of 5-7 km of the blast site.

“The blast effect points towards the use of RDX explosives in the attack. It was raining throughout Thursday because of which it is difficult to confirm the explosive-samples collected from the blast scene,” said a senior officer.

Reports also suggest that the site of the blast was chosen because the ‘road had a slope and a turn’, which served as an advantage for the attackers.

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