Fitness influencer holds fake Sadhus hostage, broadcasts assault on Instagram Live

Instagram fitness influencer Rajat Dalal found himself at center of controversy after fake ‘sadhus’ allegedly trespassed into his residence.

New Delhi: In a bizarre turn of events, Instagram fitness influencer and power-lifter Rajat Dalal found himself at the center of controversy after three individuals dressed as ‘sadhus’ allegedly trespassed into his Delhi residence. The incident came to the light in a series of live Instagram videos, where Dalal took law into his own hands, claiming the trio had entered his house with malicious intent.

Dalal went live on Instagram, documenting the entire confrontation. In the first clip, he recorded the three individuals sitting near the gate of his house, whom he referred to as “fake babas.” In an attempt to expose them, Dalal asked simple questions and requested them to recite religious verses, such as the Hanuman Chalisa and the Gayatri Mantra. Failing to provide satisfactory answers, the influencer lost his temper, verbally abused the men, and brandished a hammer, threatening them.

The situation escalated further as Dalal claimed the Aadhaar cards the individuals possessed were fake. In an unsettling turn, he proceeded to physically assault them, even making the three men slap each other.

In a subsequent video while driving his car, Dalal provided a contradictory account of the incident. He initially stated that one person entered his house while the others stood outside, dressed as ‘sadhus.’ However, he later claimed all three were brought inside to the verandah but accused them of trespassing.

Dalal insisted that the police, upon investigation, found the Aadhaar IDs to be fake. In an attempt to justify his actions, he expressed concern that the individuals could have been potential robbers. While no official case was filed, Dalal reported the incident to the police.

“The issue is not about any religion but about your safety,” Dalal asserted in the video. He emphasized that the individuals lacked basic knowledge of religious aspects and speculated they could be “illegal immigrants,” urging people to remain vigilant.


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