Family Cooks Ganja Eats Thinking To Be Fenugreek, Six Hospitalised In UP

Kannauj: In a bizzare incident, a family cooked and ate ganja, thinking of fenugreek(Methi) at Miyaganj in Kannuaj district of Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, in order to play prank with his neighbour, one Naval Kishore handed weed to Nitish, falsely claiming it to be dried fenugreek.

Nitish then gave the dried leaves to his sis-in-law who apparently made a curry with it. The six-family members consumed the dish and after sometime their condition started deteriorating.

They asked their neighbours to call the doctor, while the neighbours contacted the doctor all of them fainted. The neighbours then alerted the Kotwali police about the incident after which the family was taken to the hospital.

When the police started their investigation, they found the cooked ganja sabzi as well as the uncooked weed left in the packet. The cops then seized the remaining weed.

Later, the police interrogated Kishore, he reportedly told that he gave ganja in place of methi to play a prank and arrested Kishore.

A police official informed that the family was out of danger and further investigations are underway.

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