This happiness is priceless! You might have never seen someone so happy even on purchasing a Mercedes Benz

Happiness can indeed be found in little things too! This video of a father and son duo that we are about to describe shows just that.

In a video posted by IAS Officer Awanish Sharan, a little boy can be seen jumping with happiness when his father brought home a second-hand bicycle.

The clip has gone viral, and netizens reactions are priceless.

The father in the video can be seen putting a garland over his new second-hand bicycle and his kid can be seen jumping with joy. The boy is also seen bowing down to the cycle.

“It’s just a second-hand bicycle. Look at the joy on their faces. Their expression says, they have bought a New Mercedes Benz,” reads the caption of the tweet.


One User Said, “Humm it got me into tears. My pitaaji bought Hercules in 1993. It became part of our family, until in 2010. My father left him outside a ATM center, forgot, came back home . By the time he went back, we lost him. I cried like i lost my brother, tried searching him for a month.”

“I remember there was a guy in my village who bought a similar cycle and because of that he wore new cloths did his Pooja and visited us to share his joy with us with little bit sweet
He was very happy
In another place a saw two couples getting married and their barat in auto 🛺,” said aonther user.

“Sir, it just recalled my childhood memory when my late father purchased new bicycle ( cashier in Bank) and distributed sweet to all our neighbours. We as family celebrated the day, which I perhaps not celebrated when I purchased my Etios car.” remanence another user.

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