‘Lip Kiss’ Leaves Man Dumb As Woman Bites Off His Tongue; The Reason Will Shock You

It is common for someone to have a fight. Many times the matter gets so much ugly that people start scrambling and have to call the police. But have you ever seen people kissing after a fight and one gets injured? A similar surprising case has occurred in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

The case of this unique fight reportedly took place in 2019. It has been in the headlines now due to the ongoing hearing in the court.

One Bethaney Ryan had an alleged argument with James McKenzie’s on the road for some unknown reason. The special thing is that the two did not know each other.

It was during this fight that Bethany suddenly came close to James and started kissing his lips and in the process, she bit James’s tongue so hard that it was cut apart.

When she spit the piece of tongue which got separated, a seagull hovering nearby flew away with James’s tongue.

James’s condition deteriorated following the incident and he had to be admitted to the hospital immediately. However, James could not have surgery due to the lack of tongue and he became dumb forever.

As soon as his health improved, James reportedly lodged an FIR against Bethany. According to the news of Daily Mail, the hearing of this case is going on in Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Bethany reportedly told the court that James had first raised her hand during the fight, after which she took this step.

On the other hand, the court says that the matter is very serious and should be investigated thoroughly.

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