7th Pay Commission: Central Government Employees Get This Gift, Pensioners Are Also Benefiting

Dearness allowance (DA) is being given to central employees and pensioners at the old rate (17 per cent) only due to the Corona crisis. This rule is applicable from April last year whereas DA should be paid at the rate of 21 per cent. Recently, such decisions have been taken which would immensely benefit the employees and pensioners who are disappointed over the DA.

Central employees will now be able to get medical claims even in case of emergency in private hospital outside the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) panel. The Supreme Court has given relief to the central employees as well as pensioners in this case.

Recently, the Modi government has changed the rule of pension. According to the new rule, after the death of the employee, if a member of the household is a disabled person and does not have any means to make a living, then a life pension will be arranged for him/her.

(Source: jansatta.com)

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