Man returns home in Odisha’s Jajpur after 22 years after dreaming about family: Watch

Though it seems a little bit unbelievable but a man from Jajpur district of Odisha has returned recently to his home long after 22 years. Astonishingly, according to him, he dreamt a few days back that his family back in the village is in trouble and hence decided to return home abruptly.

Biswambara Rout from Totasahi village under Raichhanda block of Jajpur district has returned home after spending long 22 years in Mumbai. Though he has not completely forgotten Odia, his language is now a mixture of Odia and Hindi. And people are crowding at his place to witness the man who had left his family when he was 33 and now has returned home at the age of 55.

Twenty-two years ago Biswambara was a labourer. Then, he was earning his livelihood by working for others. Once he fell ill and complained belly pain. His elder brother shifted him to a hospital in Cuttack where he was needed to undergo an operation.

Following recovery, the doctor advised him not to do any heavy work. Accordingly, he sat ideal at home as all the works that he was getting needed physical strain. As he could not earn, it became for her wife to nourish the family. Then, his elder daughter was five year old and there were three more children younger to her.

It was then he decided to move Mumbai so that he can earn and feed his family. Hence, he moved to Mumbai along with a relative. There he started working as a migrant labourer.

After a few months in Mumbai, Biswambar went missing. His relatives searched for him but in vain. As his family came to know about it, his mother went to Mumbai and searched for him here and there. Yet, he could not be traced.

Then, after long 22 years, a few days back he dreamt that his family back in the village is in trouble while his elder brother is also taking so much of pain to nourish the family. It was the moment when he decided to return home at any cost. He went straight to his employer and conveyed his intention to quit the job and return Odisha. The employer allowed him. And Biswambara returned his village in Jajpur district.

After returning home, he came to know that when he was not here, his family was being taken care by his elder brother who took a lot of pain to maintain his and his younger brother’s family.

Even, during his long stay in Mumbai, his daughter’s marriage has already taken place. Since he was missing, his family members were thinking that he is dead. And hence they were planning to perform his last rites. Yet, that thing has not been done.

Kalinga TV reporter Abineswar Satapathy asked him whether he recalled his family or village during his stay in Mumbai or not. He said that initially he recalled and later he even forgot the address. However, recently he dreamt that his family is struggling hard and his elder brother is also taking much pain to maintain his younger brother’s family. After the dream he returned home. He has started living with his family happily in the village.

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