Heart Touching Monsoon Symphonies by Susmita Das

By: Himanshu Guru

With the advent of rain, a quote by Langston Hughes comes to the mind. It says, “Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” And in this context, it would not be an exaggeration to say that listening to the monsoon symphonies of Odisha based singer Susmita Das is a treat to the ears.

Monsoon has already arrived Odisha. After sultry and dry weather, the first drop of rain seems like heaven. Monsoon brings the feeling of happiness, cool breeze, and nature drenched in rain. And it is true that rain not only offers a romantic feel to lovers, but it also brings with it worries. But that is not the whole story. Apart from the rain-related plights, we must not forget that rain offers the input to dream. And thus now it is the perfect time to hum a rain song. Moreover, like Hughes suggests it is time to listen to a lullaby.

When it comes to the lullaby, the ‘Hati Saja Kara’ number, sung by renowned Odia singer Susmita Das comes to mind. Yet, the beautiful singer has not only rendered lullabies with her sweet and melodious voice but she has also acknowledged rain with her songs like ‘Barsha Rati Re’ and ‘Uthichi Jhada’.

About Susmita

Gorgeous Susmita Das has some enlivening songs to her credit. Many of her numbers are hummed with intimate nostalgia. Interestingly, most of her popular songs are non-filmy. But it is nothing to do with her level of singing. She is outstanding and undoubtedly one among the leading singers of Odisha. Her specialty is that she has never sung cheap songs. Rather all her songs are like milestones. She sings on aesthetically precious topics and in most cases her songs bear profuse Odia essence.

Monsoon symphonies

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Legendary lyricist Devdash Chhotray, talented music composer Om Prakash Mohanty and singer Susmita Das constitute a team. Nothing to exaggerate, any music lover would be convinced that all the songs released by this team are unique, soothing and of course milestones.

Devdas Chhotray’s lyrics have been brought to the fore by Susmita Das and Om Prakash Mohanty through their singing and composition respectively. Of course, these lyrics have been garnished with some fresh additions, all dressed up with new caparisons, and in new panoply.

Rain song ‘Shravana Ratire’

Among the monsoon symphonies of Susmita the ‘Shrabana Ratire’ is a romantic number.  About this rain song, Susmita says: “The song is a reminiscence of love that juxtaposes memories of melancholy and exuberance. Just like hide-and-seek of moon and dark clouds.”

Besides the overall presentation, the song scores an extra point thanks to the sensuous appeal rendered through the sweet voice of the singer. And, the feel is mesmerizing. Essentially, the song’s transition into the interludes is breath-taking. A colourful dream about rain can be visualized magnificently listening to the song.

Rain song ‘Uthichi Jhada’

Susmita’s other monsoon melody ‘Uthichi Jhada’ houses copious romantic feel. And the excitement reaches height when the feel of rain gets entwined with the feel of love. The number is basically a love song composed on a backdrop of a stormy night in Cuttack. The song has been penned by Devdas Chottaray and composed by Om Prakash Mohanty.

Cover song

Monsoon symphonies of Bollywood have evoked one of the craziest and peppy songs our industry has ever had. Above and beyond her original songs, bewitching Susmita has also exquisitely rendered a few cover songs. She has lent the voice to the very popular number ‘Megha Chhaye Aadhi Raat’. Originally sung by Lata Mangeshkar and composed by SD Burman, the song has been featured in the Hindi film ‘Sharmeeli’.

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