Scarlett Johansson files lawsuit against Disney over online release of ‘Black Widow’

Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson has filed a lawsuit against Disney movie studio alleging that she had lost money over the release of her movie ‘Black Widow’ on Disney’s streaming app.

The Black Widow star filed a lawsuit accusing Disney of breaching the contract with her by releasing the movie on its online streaming platform at the same time that it played in the theaters, reducing her expected share of box office business.

The actress has alleged that she was cheated out of bonuses by the studio when it decided on a hybrid release for the movie (in both theaters and streamer Disney Plus). The release model of the movie hurt the film’s box office chances.

The Marvel superhero movie was released on theaters on July 9 and it also debuted on Disney+ streaming service app on the same day with a $30 charge.

This news has shaken the Hollywood movie industry as many media companies are moving to OTT platforms to boost their streaming services by offering premium content at or near the same time movies are released in theaters as many theaters are closed due to the pandemic and rest have less public to serve on a daily basis.

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