“Amma Ki Diwali Ko Happy Banao”: HP Re-introduces Good Old Diwali Through AD

Long back on the day when Ram returned from Lanka, Ayodhya residents lighted his way with earthen lamps as a mark of respect. That is how India or Ram Rajya started to celebrate Diwali. The name itself is related to ‘diyas’ or earthen lamps. With time these earthen lamps have been replaced with electrical lights and colorful crackers. The true essence of Indian earth imbibed in the modest ‘diyas’ is long lost.

Lately, social media has been soaring with posts re-introducing the good old days when our homes dazzled with ‘diyas’. Captions like “Inke ghar bhi Diwali Hai” showing an old man or woman selling Diyas are being shared largely to appeal people to buy them.

A similar concept has been adapted in an HP Printer AD featuring Swarupa Ghosh set up in an upper-class neighborhood, where we come across a lady(Swarupa Ghosh) sitting in corner of the street hoping to sell all her earthen lamps. She hardly gets any costumer as people are busy visiting malls and top-end stores for their Diwali shopping. A young kid with his mother passes by and wants to buy few earthen lamps but is vehemently stopped by his mum.

Later the child comes back to the woman(Swarupa) and buys few lamps and wishes her Happy Diwali. The lady sadly replies that as long as she is not able to earn money by selling those lamps, she won’t be happy. To this, the kid replies “Don’t worry Amma, sare diye bik jayenge” and snaps Amma’s photograph.

That’s just when HP Printer comes handy. The child made a leaflet with Amma’s picture and captioned it, ” Amma Ki Diwali Ko Happy Banao”, got numerous print outs from HP Printer and distributed it all over the area.

Following this, people flock in and buy all Diyas from ‘Amma’.

So, will make another ‘Amma’ Happy? Watch this AD to feel the message.


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