Gold Price In Bhubaneswar Witness Significant Changes In Last 10 Days

Bhubaneswar: Gold price in Bhubaneswar witnesses significant changes in last 10 days.

On Monday, the price of yellow metal recorded Rs 53,250 for 24 carat per 10 grams while 22 carat per 10 grams recorded Rs 48,820.

During the last 10 days gold rate for 24 carat ranged between Rs 52,360 and Rs 53,250. The rates for 22 carat of gold ranged between Rs 48,000 and Rs 48,820.

Gold rate in Bhubaneswar for last 10 days:

Gold rate
Image credits: good returns










On the other hand, the rates of silver in Bhubaneswar recorded Rs 62,910/ Kg.

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