D2h moving to a new system, Here’s how it will affect you

D2h or Direct-to-Home (DTH), the subsidiary of Dish TV is making changes to its current system and upgrading to a new one to accommodate more channels for its users.

As per reports, the company has started the process from 30 August 2021.

The company is trying to bring the entertainment quotient to a higher level, due to which it has to change its current channel numbers.

These changes will not affect all the channels available on D2h service except a few ones.

So if you are wondering how to find your favourite channel numbers if they have been changed, then here is how you can get them adopting the following method.

How You Can Check New Channel Numbers

D2h  users can search for their favourite channel numbers and check all the new channels added to their list by going through the channel guide given on their set-top-box. If you do not want to read the guide then there are other ways with which you can check the channel numbers easily.

Here’s how you can search the channels if they have been shifted to another number.

  1. Press the Menu button and select active services option to access the Channel Finder On TV app.
  2. or you can just dial 89680-89680.
  3. Another way is to find it on the Channel Finder app by going to d2h.com.
  4. Or you can search it on the d2h Infinity app.
  5. You can also ask Dial on WhatsApp No. 8750 917 917.
  6. Or type DTHLCN and send it to 566777.

The change brought by the upgrade to new system may affect some channels from all genres and languages while some channels won’t be affected by the change.

The company made these changes so that it can deliver more channels and content to users and satisfy their entertainment needs.

The company offers various Set-Top-Boxes and channel packs to users who are interested in buying a D2h connection. Interested users can purchase new STBs from the company’ official website or any retail store.

Users who have any doubts or queries can ask the company itself by writing at corpsupportd2h@dishd2h.com.

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