You don’t want to be in a fight with THESE zodiac signs

Often when a person gets angry they say words that they would have never said otherwise. Some people know how to stay patient and avoid such mishaps, but some give in to their anger very easily. Your zodiac signs has something to do with that. Whether you are a water sign or fire sign, says a lot about your anger.

Read further to know if you or people around you fall in the list of the most angry zodiac signs. It will help you deal with heated situations a little better.

Here are 7 zodiac signs that are the most difficult to deal with when angry.



Aries are one of the most scariest zodiac signs when angered. This air sign is extremely strong headed and egoistic, and do not like receiving criticism unless they asked for it. They deal with their anger by feeding it to loneliness, which makes them even scary. That is because they would not rant about a matter to a friend and bring peace to their heart but instead shut themselves off and keep it in forever. Therefore, Aries are so difficult to deal with.


Gemini likes to keep their emotions to themselves. They are not usually short tempered but when they do get angry it can be like a bomb exploding the whole place they are in. Making everyone around them cautious of their presence as their calm self has been extremely provoked. A angry Gemini can spit fire and their words can hurt very much. However, even if their words might sound mean, it’s mostly the brutal truth.


Albeit there bossy nature, Leo’s are very calm and friendly in nature. However, the moment they feel hurt, especially by someone close, they show their most fierce side. Their anger lasts for a very long time, and can come out in a burst leaving you thinking that they are over-reacting.


It is hard to believe that a Libra can ever be furious. They always put others before themselves, therefore, when they feel hurt by someone close, they are most likely to loose their mind over it. They distress themselves even on the little things and can be over-possessive for the ones they cherish. Anger, confusion and hurt are three things they are not use to.


Scorpios are very mysterious and hence, often come as devilish to others. Their anger is rather dramatic and can be full of tantrums if it is towards their loved ones. Even in anger they are great listeners and try not to jump into conclusion without hearing a clarification from the person they are arguing with. Yet, when they are hurt they can come as ruthless, observant, stark and spontaneous.


Aquarians love their independence and the moment someone interfere’s in that they tend to get annoyed. However, what makes them hard to deal with is the silent treatment they prefer over clearing the air with communication. Sometimes, you won’t even know that they are angry on you and this makes them a dangerous sign.


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Pisces are stubborn and can start an ugly verbal fight with loud noises and breaking of things near them. They can be very abusive and tend to hold onto their anger for long periods of time. During this time, they might also cut off all communication, and this can result in break ups in even long-term relationships.

  1. lucia says

    How is virgo not there? virgo is most dangerous zodiac!

    1. Ty Moran says

      Leo here, virgos are fucking pussies, they get angry in a passive, condescending way and usually get there heads punched in by a Fire sign.

      1. Crystal says

        I once got in a fight with a cancer, they almost broke my arm. Luckily it was sprained

  2. Masiath says

    Im a gemini

  3. The sleepy coco wolf says

    I’m a Pisces so having my zodiac up there and reading why makes sense because when someone makes me angry I sometimes think of dark things to do to them but I don’t actually because I’m young lol

  4. Nadear says

    I libra

  5. VaNo says

    Aries is a Fire sign not Air.. thanks..

  6. Precious says

    Am a Pisces I do bad things whenever am angry
    Things I will regret later.

    1. Deez says


  7. Summer says

    I’m an Aquarius female, and I’d say i’m pretty powerful and scary myself. I know that because of my experiences and my friends keep telling me.

  8. Rian says

    I’m still tryna figure out why Cancer ♋ not there?

  9. Smart Cakes says

    Where is Taurus I think it should be on the list too.. aren’t Taurus are scary and stubborn too? You don’t want to get in a fight with a bull as well….

  10. Aquila says

    I’m a aquarius and I can relate to what’s up there

  11. Aquila says

    I’m a aquarius and I can relate to what’s up there because my sister annoys me soooooooooo much and it feels like she’s invading my privacy sometimes.

  12. Bob says

    Why isn’t Capricorn♑ there

  13. John says

    How the F did you include pisces and not Taurus and Scorpio on this list?

  14. Novi says

    I am a scorpio and I will soon take my revenge on you for including me in this list

  15. Lee says

    Virgo are the most smooth criminals.

  16. Earthsign says

    Uh How Did u not include Taurus and Scorpio?

    1. ellie says

      yes…they’re like the scariest people ever, as a taurus.

  17. Andrea Shea Baird says

    im a pisces

  18. tiffanie allalrd says

    im a gemini and this is all facts i says mean thing but it only the truth

  19. Leonardo says

    Cancer DEFINITELY needs to be on that list. We are so in tune with peoples emotions and May be kind and sweet. But, for me personally if someone messes with my family or loved ones or tries me out on the streeet, You better watch tf out cause you’ve never seen a mad sign like a Cancer.

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