Weekly Horoscope from December 13-December 19, Check prediction for your Zodiac sign

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for December 13-19.

Aries: This week, you are advised to stay away from any confrontation as unproductive conflicts can erode your peace of mind and spoil your mood. You will have an inquisitive mindset and will be filled with thoughts of doing something new. Some of you will receive new opportunities in your career. You will make efforts to expand your business and will attain success in your efforts. Your health will start improving and you may also invest in a property during this time. During the end of the week, the harmonious atmosphere in the family will give you happiness, but you need to take care of your father as he may suffer from health concerns.

Tip of the week: Maintain your focus

Taurus: This week you will share special affection towards your children and will enjoy spending time with them. Your income may also increase during this time. If you wanted to change your job, you could get a new offer this week or there could be discussions about transfer in your current job. This time will prove to be a success in business too. If you are a student, you will work hard in your studies and achieve the desired results. You will be able to perform better than your competitors. Your efforts will increase which will improve your performance. You are advised to stay away from pursuing any new legal matter at this juncture. Your relationship with your business partner may not be smooth.

Tip of the week: Avoid legal hassles

Gemini: At the beginning of the week, you will be more inclined towards spending time with your family. Your love and affection towards your mother will increase. This time can also bring benefits from property. This will be a favourable phase for students as they will score well in exams. They will have an inclination towards studies and will be able to perform even better in technical subjects. Your children will get success in their respective field. In the middle of the week, there could be some health problems so it will be very important to be careful. Those looking to gain from competition will have to make extra efforts. Your business will gain momentum.

Tip of the week: Spend time with family

Cancer: This week, you could plan to go on a short journey. You will get a chance to meet your relatives or friends which will give you happiness. You will be free from your daily worries and will also help your siblings. At workplace, your relationship will get better with your fellow employees. Your mother’s health will be good and you may get some financial benefits from her. In the middle of the week, you will spend extra time with your children. Students preparing for competitive exams may face obstacles in achieving their goals. During the end of the week, you may have to work overtime to overcome some unexpected issues that may have cropped up.

Tip of the week: Plan a short trip

Leo: This week, family affairs will keep you busy. You may have to attend to an urgent work at home which will improve your bonding with family members. Some bit of miscommunication with your colleagues and seniors is expected, so be careful and choose your words wisely while interacting with them. You will be fortunate in terms of money matters and will be successful in adding to your savings. You can repay any of your debts during this time, which will give you relief. This time will be good for the development of children. They will get favourable results in their respective field, whether studying or working. If you are a student then this time will give you success in studies.

Tip of the week: Communicate clearly

Virgo: This week your confidence and ability to understand any situation will improve. This will make your relationship stronger with your seniors due to which you can get benefit. This situation will also be helpful for expanding your business. On the financial front, securing your hard-earned money by depositing it in a bank or by getting a fixed deposit will give you benefits. There will be harmony in the family and mutual love will increase. Your siblings could face some health issues. It is a favourable time for you to undertake a short journey relating to work or pleasure. You need to spend some extra time with your children this week to motivate them and keep them focused.

Tip of the week: Keep your confidence high

Libra: This week, you could see an unexpected increase in your expenses due to which your financial situation may be stressed. You will have to make efforts in your field of work and may have to travel to distant places in connection with your job. The health of your spouse may cause you worry. In the middle of the week, there could be some disturbances among family members. In such a situation, you will have to be patient and try to calm the matter down. A proactive approach is called for to avoid undue stress and miscommunication at work and family life. Overall, you will develop good relations with your colleagues. Take care of your throat and eyes.

Tip of the week: Be proactive

Scorpio: This week, you will have an abundant flow of money this week, which will make your financial situation stronger. You will be happy at heart and will be able to fulfil your desires. You will develop good relations with your superiors, which will benefit you in your work life. This time will be good for students to get success in competitive examinations. Your plans will give you benefits and also bring success in business. Although you will get gains, you should avoid making any major decisions during this time. Your family will also receive good benefits and respect. At times, there could be some differences between your siblings.

Tip of the week: Avoid taking any major decisions

Sagittarius: This week, your work load will increase and you could be transferred to a different department. You will feel satisfied with family life. There are positive indications of gaining through property. During the middle of the week, you could face some problem related to the eyes or sleep. Your expenses will increase and this expenditure could be on unproductive things, about which you have not done any planning before. This can spoil your monthly budget. It is advisable to be alert of the opponents as they can raise their head during this time. At the end of the week, you could make a strong decision regarding a goal which will prove to be very important for your future.

Tip of the week: Stay on your guard

Capricorn: This week, you could undertake some journey in connection with work which will prove to be profitable. You can also go to a place which will give you peace of mind as well as new energy from inside. You will remain free of any mental stress. Your siblings will experience growth in their professional life. You will execute your work with complete focus which will provide positive results. Matters relating to property will keep you occupied. Businesspeople can look to expand their product range and look for new markets. There will be a sense of satisfaction in family life. You will receive the support of your parents.

Tip of the week: Expand your reach

Aquarius: This week, you will be more focused towards family matters. Your mind will be full of thoughts and it is advisable to not take any big decision during this time. There could be some unwanted expenses which can take a toll on your finances. At times, you may not be able to focus on your work due to which your performance can decline. You will get support of your siblings. During the last part of the week, you will spend quality time with your friends. Your relationship will your seniors will improve which will benefit you. You may have to go on some unwanted trip that can give you some health-related problems.

Tip of the week: Up your game

Pisces: This week, your finances are likely to improve as you can gain from various sources. Your relationship with your business partner will be harmonious which will contribute to business growth. Your mind will be filled with positive thoughts and you may try to initiate something new. You should avoid spending time in solitude and try to stay in the company of your friends and loved ones. Investing money at this time can prove to be harmful. During the last phase of the week, your focus will improve and you will be able to complete pending tasks. Family life will remain peaceful during this time. Your spouse can experience change in job.

Tip of the week: Avoid solitude

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