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Watch: Dubai flooded after heavy rain, cars stuck on roads, flights diverted

Dubai: Dubai, the city which have an arid climate and scorching temperatures is now grappling with flood due to heavy rainfall. Heavy rain has battered the United Arab Emirates (UAE), disrupting air travel and prompting widespread flooding across the desert country.

Due to extreme flood condition, Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest air hub for international passengers, was forced to divert numerous incoming flights. Dubai International Airport, which typically welcomes over 100 flight arrivals on a typical evening, witnessed a rare suspension of arrivals, followed by a gradual resumption 25 minutes later. However, due to the weather condition, flight operations encountered delays and cancellations.

Amidst the situation in the desert country, visuals of flood is circulating on social media. The clips showed planes taxiing on flooded runways and cars half-submerged in water at the airport’s parking lot. Access roads leading to the airport were also inundated with flood water.

Similarly, flagship shopping centres like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, were flooded and ankle-deep water inundated at least one Dubai Metro station. Due to flood and heavy rain, roads collapsed, residential communities were submerged. Meanwhile, reports emerged of leaks from roofs, doors, and windows in various households.

According to reports given by news agency AFP, schools across the Emirates were closed due to extreme condition. Furthermore, storms, including hail, are forecasted for today, prompting authorities to extend remote working arrangements for government employees.

It is worth mentioning here than at least 18 people including children were killed in Oman, where the storms initially struck which led to flood.

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