Chinese fisherman survives 11 days in Bermuda Triangle of Asia

The 52-year old fisherman was stranded without food or water, but was successfully rescued with stable stats

New Delhi: Chinese fisherman Nian Xinghua miraculously survived an 11-day ordeal of being adrift in a dangerous area notoriously known as the “Bermuda Triangle of Asia.”

The victim Nian Xinghua, 52, got lost while fishing alone near Pingtan, a county off China’s southeast coast, on May 10, according to People’s Daily. The area, located in the Taiwan Strait, is known for its high winds and huge waves.

Fears of such new “Bermuda” has persisted for years, with multiple commercial and military aircraft mysteriously crashing in the seas of Penghu Islands, a Taiwanese archipelago near Pingtan.

Chinese fisherman survives 11 days in Bermuda Triangle of Asia
Nian was stuck in a boat sans food, water & fuel (Courtesy: People.CN)

After having consumed all portable water, Nian was reduced to drinking his own urine to survive. He also ate fish bait to keep himself alive.

Sharing his tale, Nian told that due to strong winds, sea currents and fog, his tiny fishing boat was caught in the Bermuda triangle of Asia. Eventually, he ran out of fuel and also the battery of his phone ran out. The fisherman stuck in Asian Bermuda barely slept in the 11 days of being adrift, hoping to spot ships in the day and trying to prevent crashing at night.

His nightmare ended on the morning of May 21, when another boat spotted him and sent an SOS to a nearby cargo vessel, the Straits Metropolis Daily reported.

Chinese fisherman survives 11 days in Bermuda Triangle of Asia
Nian’s family welcome him (Courtesy: People.CN)

Workers reportedly braved the terrifying waters to bring him to safety.

On May 23, the vessel brought Nian to a port in Qingdao, northeastern China to reunite with his family, who, out of desperation, had reportedly prepared a funeral.

Fortunately, Nian’s stats were stable which a miracle in itself is. His family was happy beyond limits, reported People’s Daily.

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