Is your SIM card lost or stolen! This is how you can block your Airtel SIM number

We all have a smartphone and the device needs a SIM card to make connection with internet, phone calls, sending messages etc. The SIM card is an essential item that stores your phone number, personal information and contact information.

Those people with bad intentions can use your stolen SIM to carry out unlawful acts in your name or defraud banks by using your personal information. These things will land you in major trouble. So, if your SIM card is stolen or gets lost, you need to block it right away.

Airtel provides multiple ways to ban your Airtel Sim while keeping the needs of its consumers in mind.

How to block Airtel SIM Card?

There are various methods through which you can block your stolen SIM card. Check them out below.

1.Through Customer Support

The first thing you can do is contact Airtel customer service. For that dial 198 or 121 from an Airtel number. Ask to talk with a customer service representative to resolve your problem. You will soon be able to connect to one. You can describe your situation to the representative and ask them to block the misplaced SIM card. You need to provide your Airtel number as identification in order to authenticate that you are the owner of that SIM card. As soon as the authentication is confirmed, your lost Airtel number will be promptly blocked.

If you don’t have an Airtel number then you can call customer service at 9849098490 or 1800 103 4444 and talk with an customer executive. You can ask them to deactivation it by the same process given above.

2.From the Nearest Airtel Store

If you don’t want to call the Airtel Customer Service, you can always visit the Airtel store that is near you. You can discuss your issue with the agent there and give them the number of your SIM Card. Along with the number, you will also need to give some additional information such as your mother’s name, the amount of your most recent recharge, your FNF number, your date of birth, your residence, and your ID proof in order to complete this transaction. Note that you should bring the original copies of the pertinent documents. Once these facts have been confirmed, the representative will guide you through the process and block your SIM.


You can alos block your SIM card online via the Airtel Thanks app. Follow the below steps to block your SIM card online via the Airtel Thanks app.

Step-1: Go to the ‘Help’ area of the Airtel Thanks app.

Step-2: Request an Airtel sim block online.

Step-3: Choose the Live Chat Support option and learn how to block your sim in this situation.

Step-4: Follow the given steps in the site to easily block your SIM.

Step-5: You can reach the Airtel executives via email at [email protected]

Step-6: Clearly describe your problem and demand a prompt resolution.

Note: We suggest you to block your sim as soon as possible by calling the executive or going to the closest store as any delay could cause more issues.

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