Indian Man Modifies Maruti 800 Into An Electric Car, Read How 

Bhubaneswar: Our love for Maruti 800, has continued for decades and has run across many generations. Even though the bread and butter model has been discontinued since 2014, it still remains popular among masses.

One such person named Hemank Dabhare has converted an old Maruti 800 into an electric car.

Hemant who has successfully converted many old vehicles into electric vehicles in the past has worked his charm on a Maruti 800 this time.

According to reports, the engine of this car has been replaced by an electric motor of 19KW. A battery pack of 13.2 KW capacity has been used to power the electric motor.

The battery takes around 4 to 4.5 hours to get fully charged and gives a driving range of 120km. The top speed of the car ranges from 80 to 85 kilometres per hour.

The electric version of the car generates a torque of 378 Nm which is far more than the original version. The original version of Maruti 800 generates 59 Nm of torque, which is way lower than the modified electric variant made by Hemank.

Hemank Dabhade is a car designer and builder who makes electric vehicles out of generic vehicles. Recently Hemank has converted Honda Activa Scooter and Chevrolet Beat into electric vehicles.


  1. Pulin Kumar Gantayat says

    I want to convert my Maruti 800 (Bharat -II) into electric.


    What will be the cost? Whether the conversion will be approved by motor vehicle dept.?

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