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Couple reunites with honeymoon ring lost 47 years back!


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Jim Wirth
Image Credit: Jim Wirth

New York: The very thought of the line ‘honeymoon ring found 47 years after getting lost by a couple relives their romantic life’ sounds straight out of a Bollywood movie plot, doesn’t it ? But this is a real life story of a USA couple.

The couple in news, Patrick F. O’Hagan and his wife Christine, were celebrating honeymoon on the Cape Cod beach in Massachusetts when the incident occurred way back in 1970. The ring presented to Patrick by his wife slipped out of his fingers and was washed away by the sea water. But the interesting thing is that the same ring was found in good condition from near the same beach in July this year.

Jim Wirth, a sweeper by profession, found the same precious ring from the sands of Cape Cod beach while carrying out cleaning operation at the beach. He cleaned it up and found it to be a very dark gold ring with a green crust. He also found a full name printed inside the ring as Patrick F. O’Hagan and decided to take the pain of a ‘Google’ search to reach its owner.

After days of toiling on the search engine, Jim came across a book written by Patrick’s wife Christine, titled “The Book of Kehls”.

Jim says he was convinved that the ring belonged to the couple after going through the book online which clearly mentions the ring in Chapter 9. He immediately checked the couple’s address and phone number from the publisher and called them up.

Jim returned the cleaned up ring to the couple just a few days later.

And now it was a reunion after 47 years for the couple, with the help of a stranger.

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