Virat Kohli’s new tattoo has a deep meaning, artist reveals

Virat Kohli got a new tattoo on his arm ahead of the Indian Premier League 2023. His tattoo artist reveals the meaning behind it

Cricketer Virat Kohli recently got a new tattoo on his arm ahead of the Indian Premier League 2023. His love for tattoos is no new and his fans are well aware of it. Although the former Indian cricket team captain already has several tattoos inked on his body, the recent addition has a deep meaning. The star’s tattoo artist has spoken about the significance of the art.

Sunny Bhanushali, the owner and founder of Aliens Tattoo- where the cricketer got his new ink, has said that the tattoo signifies a part of ‘King Kohli’s’ personality. He said that Virat walked into their studio a few years ago with photos of their tattoo work on his phone and told him that he had been following them for over two years. “I could hardly believe it – this cricket superstar was actually a fan of our work! Despite his immense fame, Virat was incredibly humble and down-to-earth. He had no airs or attitude and genuinely appreciated our work and wanted me to work on his next tattoo,” he stated.

However, busy schedules hindered the project, and months later Kohli contacted the artist with a special request. “He wanted to cover up his old tattoo with a new one. A new tattoo that would reflect his spirituality, something that would represent the interconnectedness of all things and the source of creation itself, something which depicts higher ones and oneness, the structure of life, the source of all,” Bhanushali commented.

The tattoo artist added, “It was clear to me that this tattoo meant a lot to him, and he was determined to get it just right. I poured my heart and soul into the design, meticulously crafting each element to perfection.”

Reportedly, on the day of the tattoo session, the studio was completely shut, and “armed security guards” were deployed to ensure the sportsman’s safety. Apparently, as time passed by, Virat got completely immersed in the process of getting his tattoo. He was fascinated by the process and “marveled at the intricate dot work style and the way that each element of the design came together.”

Meanwhile, the process was long and because Virat did not have that much time due to his busy schedule- he had to split the tattooing procedure into two separate sessions. While the first half of the art was set up in the Mumbai studio, where he spent six hours getting inked, the second session was an eight-hour-long appointment set up at the Bangalore studio. “Despite the long hours and the physical discomfort that comes with getting a tattoo, Virat never once complained or showed any signs of fatigue,” Bhanushali said.

The artist concluded by saying that after the procedure was completed Virat looked down at his new tattoo ‘with a sense of wonder and amazement.’ “He knew that this tattoo would be with him for the rest of his life, a powerful symbol of his spiritual journey and his connection to something greater than himself,” he further stated.

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