World Tourism Day: Long distance runner, record holder cyclist runs for Yamuna

Agra: Ahead of the Tourism Day on Monday, Taj city’s sports celebrity Pramod Kumar Katara, who holds several records for long distance running, cycling and balancing on the Swiss balls, ran for over 22 km along the Yamuna to highlight the importance of Yamuna river to keep the Taj Mahal and other monuments safe.

Agra celebrates World Tourism day on Monday as a new tourist season in the post pandemic phase, starts.

Katara said “the criminal act of polluting a holy river by not only industries but also cattle owners and washermen must immediately stop”.

While running along the river bank from Taj Mahal to Poiya Ghat and back to the Circuit House, he saw hundreds of big and small drains directly opening into the river. Katara said people need to be sensitised and educated so that they realised their responsibilities to keep the water bodies safe and clean.

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