Massive blaze in Gujarat’s Sanand estate

Ahmedabad: A massive fire raged on Wednesday in Ahmedabad’s Sanand estate of the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC), engulfing an entire diaper making factory. No casualty has been reported yet.

Even after five hours the firefighters are yet to completely douze the flames, which razed the entire plant and unit to the ground.

A total of around 160-70 firefighters were deployed to douse the fire, a senior fire officer told IANS.

The fire was reported from the Unicharm Industries in Ahmedabad. It is reported to have started around 9 a.m. near Gate no.2.

Minutes it escalated into an inferno, according to eyewitnesses, the smoke rising from the blaze could be seen even from 5 to 8 kilometres away.

As soon as the fire alarm went on, the company officials immediately evacuated the factory.

At first four to five fireengines were immediately rushed to the spot. As it raged on more fireengines were rushed in. But it consumed the entire factory within the hour.

“We received the call at 9:14 in morning. We immediately rushed four of vehicles to the spot. But on getting here we saw that it wasn’t enough. We got more vehicles here. We have still not been able to know the exact cause of the fire.

“We haven’t completely douzed the fire, but it is now under control. We have deployed around 30 vehicles from the Ahmedabad Fire & Emergency Services (AFES), including 3 fire fighters, 9 water tankers, 11 water bousers, a smoke exhauster, 6 office vehicles and around 125 of our personal,” Additional Chief Fire Officer, Rajesh Bhatt told the IANS.

“We also have around 10-12 vehicles fetched from the Sanand GIDC fire services and other companies. Almost half of AFES staff is deployed here at this place. Not only the fire has gutted everything, but the entire structure of the company has collapsed due to the fire,” added Bhat

According to the available information there has been no casualties reported so far, but massive damage and losses in crores is believed to have incurred to the company.

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