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This is how you can get driving licence without test at transport office


The issue of a driving licence has been made simpler now, as the users need not visit their nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) for a driving license. According to the new rules issued by the Government of India, getting a driving license has not remained a tiresome process as it used to be earlier.

The new rule issued by the central government allows applicants to get a driving licence certificate from a recognized driving training school. In order to get a licence licence a person has to first take admission into a driving training school and subsequently pass the tests there. Upon completion of the test, a certificate will be issued to them by the school. On the basis of the certificate provided by the training institute, the applicant will be issued a licence.

However, there are various guidelines that are made mandatory for the training centers to issue a certificate for passing a test to the applicant:

  • The driving training school should be authorised and should possess at least one acre of land for two-wheeler, three-wheeler and light motor vehicles. On the contrary, the training institutes that want to provide centre for medium and heavy passenger goods vehicles are required to have two acres of land.
  • The trainers should have passed the 12th standard and should have a driving experience of at least five years. The trainer must be well versed in the current traffic rules.
  • A teaching curriculum has been introduced by the ministry for driving light motor vehicles. The curriculum is divided into two parts- theory and practical. The curriculum runs for a maximum period of 4 weeks and could last up to 29 hours. While the practical part includes 21 hours of learning to drive a vehicle in outdoor conditions the theory part includes 8 hours of course relating to the minute details of driving.

After this rule is practically implemented throughout the country, it is expected that the long line of applicants in front of the RTO will become negligible.

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