Google hires non-engineering student with salary package of Rs 50 lakh

Google has hired a non-engineering graduate student for a high paying annual salary package of Rs 50 Lakh in Pune.

In a surprising move, Google has hired a non-engineering graduate student for an annual salary package of Rs 50 Lakh in Pune. The non-engineering student who achieved the remarkable feat of securing a high-paying job at Google, is Harshal Juikar.

Juikar has broken the stereotype of years that often shows the high-paying tech job opportunities grabbed by engineering students. Juikar has single-handedly broke the stereotype with his exceptional skills and determination.

Juikar is a student at MIT-World Peace University where he has completed his MSc in Blockchain Technology, which many don’t know even exist.

Juikar completed his education with a degree outside the engineering domain. Though, Juikar did not study any engineering degree, he continued to pursue his passion for computer coding and programming. Later, Juikar’s talent in coding attracted Google recruiters and offered him a lucrative job with a handsome salary package.

As per the report, Juikar stated, “I dared to pursue my passion, and the journey was filled with challenges and doubts. But staying true to myself and embracing the unconventional path led me to success beyond my imagination.”

Earlier this year, a student named Avni Malhotra from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Sambalpur bagged a package of Rs 64.61 lakh per annum from Microsoft. After clearing six rounds of interviews, Malhotra, based out of Jaipur, managed to secure the job, reported Times Now. As per the report, the reasons why Malhotra got the position were because of her prior experience of three years with Infosys and her ‘organisational competence’. In terms of the education qualifications, Malhotra holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Science.

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