Now play Holi in consonance with Zodiac signs

Lucknow: Observing the festival of Holi could bring in more benefits if one plays with colours that were suited to an individual’s Zodiac sign.

Astrologers would like us to believe in choosing colours based on planetary positions can help in warding off evil and also negate the bad effects of planets.

“This is similar to colour therapy. Just like people wear a particular colour on particular days and astrologers’ advice some people to avoid wearing a particular colour, playing Holi with favourable colours enhances one’s mood and life,” said astrologer Acharya Sandeep Trivedi.

Astrologers claim that Holi, this year, will see powerful planets Jupiter and Saturn in their respective positions.

The astrologer explained that the role of ‘navgraha’ (nine planets) in our horoscope governs our birth, how we spend our life, death and beyond.

“The nine planets reflect rays of different colours. If a person is facing a rough patch under Saturn, also known as ‘Shani sadhe-saati’ (difficult period of 7.5 years), then he or she must play Holi with black and blue. These colours offer a healing touch for worries, stress and anxiety,” he explained.

The astrologer maintained that those ‘affected by Saturn’ should avoid red colour which stands for planet’s enemies — the Sun and Mars.

Those with the Aries or Scorpio signs, should play Holi with red as it will discard ill effects of Mars, which is their governing planet.

Similarly, Taurians and Librans, ruled by Venus, should go for shiny white to ward off evil influence of ‘Shukra’.

Gemini and Virgo, ruled by Mercury, should use green to buffer the negative influence of ‘Buddh’ .

Cancer is ruled by the moon. Those undergoing a bad phase must use white. Leo, on the other hand, is ruled by the sun and hence, red and orange are very favourable for them.

Sagittarians and Pisceans, ruled by Jupiter, should go for yellow and golden that symbolize the virtues of ‘Brihaspati’.

Those aspiring to earn the virtues of the planet should use yellow in abundance.

Capricorn and Aquarius are once again ruled by Saturn. Hence, black and blue in any form will earn the goodwill of ‘Shani’ for those who are affected by the planet’s unfavorable position in their horoscope.


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