Laundryman In Paralakhemundi Of Odisha Uses LPG To Iron Clothes, Inspires Others

Paralakhemundi: Replacing the charcoal-fired and electric iron boxes, a laundryman from Paralakhemundi in Gajapati district has introduced an eco-friendly iron box fuelled by Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to iron clothes of customers.

The laundryman, Prasad has now become an inspiration for others with his unique innovation. His environment-friendly innovation is slowly becoming popular in the town. These LPG-powered iron boxes are handy for laundrymen who press clothes on push carts on road sides.

Moreover, it is cost effective and safer for ironing. Time taken for ironing the clothes is also quite less as compared to other fuels.

lpg iron box

Prasad can iron more clothes. He can iron one cloth in just 3-5 minute. He charges around Rs 12-15 per cloth. Earlier, he used to spend Rs 160 on charcoal for ironing clothes for three days. Now, he just spends Rs 90 for 1kg gas.

Moreover, customers are happy as they get their clothes back soon. Compared to conventional coal-fired iron boxes, the LPG-fuelled irons have no side-effects. While using charcoal for ironing, there was always a fear that fire pieces or ash may fall on the clothes and damage them. Similarly, while using an electric iron box, there was always a fear of electric shocks.

Like Prasad, other laundrymen should switch to LPG iron boxes. However, the rising price in LPG gas might affect the laundrymen from using the LPG iron boxes.

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