Odia film ‘Chhabirani’ based on the 1980 Gang Rape, Murder releases

Bhubaneswar: Odia film ‘Chhabirani’ that is based on a true story took place long ago in 1980 in Odisha, released today.

Aman and Chandrani have played the lead characters in Odia film ‘Chhabirani’. Besides, veteran actors like Siddhant Mahapatra, Mihir Das and Anu Choudhury have shared screen space.

The real incident

On October 3, 1980 a group of goons chased Chhabirani, raped and murdered her on the Biluakhai riverbed as Nabakishore, her husband stood transfixed with eight-month-old son, hidden in a bamboo grove.

When the couple was attacked by the gang, Chhabirani had asked her husband to flee and save his life and that of their son.

Chhabi Rani in her teen loved Naba Kishore and later married him. The couple moved to Biridi village in Jagatsinghpur district. Later, Naba Kishore and Chhabi Rani took up journalism.

The couple then started exposing corrupt activities going on in the region and in the process invited the wrath of the rich and influential people of the area. The couple was threatened with life for their writings but they refused to be cowed down and continued their honest and fearless reporting.

They were then tortured through a series of incidents and asked to leave Biridi village with their infant. They then decided to leave the village. However, while leaving the village they were intercepted by some men on the way near Biluakhai River. Chhabi Rani then forced Naba Kishore to leave with the baby. But she was caught by the men and gang raped and brutally murdered.

Later, Naba Kishore lodged a case against the culprits but all were acquitted by the Orissa High Court. However, the case reached Supreme Court and four among eight accused were convicted after 22 years of the incident.

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