Kapil Sharma’s special ‘I’m Not Done Yet’ to release on Netflix

Mumbai: Star comedian and TV host Kapil Sharma will be seen in a special for Netflix titled ‘I’m Not Done Yet’, which is slated to premiere on January 28.

The show marks Kapil’s first comedy special with the streaming giant.

As part of the promotional video shared by the streaming giant, Kapil is heard saying: “I have been working in this industry for 25 years now and close to 15 years in the TV industry.”

He added: “I have never taken comedy seriously because we are joking around all the time and it comes naturally to us because we are from Punjab and we love joking around. And I didn’t know it was something you could get paid for.”

In the special, ‘I’m Not Done Yet’. Kapil will be seen getting candid about his life’s journey and shares it all in his own fun and relatable way.

“Netflix really attracted me with the Tudum sound and its global reach. You can say this special is my story in my own style.”

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