Indonesia’s deadly volcano loses one-quarter of its volume

Jakarta: Scientists revealed that Indonesia’s deadly volcano Anak Krakatao has lost about one-quarter of its volume. This has happened after the disastrous volcanic eruption and subsequent tsunami that rocked Indonesia.

Scientists from Indonesia’s Centre for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation revealed the said facts.

Anak Krakatau now has a volume of 40-70 million cubic metres and lost 150-180 million cubic metres of volume post the volcanic eruption and tsunami.

The tsunami struck coastal areas of Sunda Strait on the night of December 22. The tsunami was caused by “an undersea landslide resulting from volcanic activity on Anak Krakatao and was amplified by abnormally high tide because of the full moon.

Over 280 people have been found dead and 1000 injured after the disaster. Also, around 11,687 have been displaced.

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