Google unveils new features for easier communication on Chromebook

New Delhi: Google has announced several new features that make connecting and communicating on video chat or through text on Chromebooks much easier.

With Chrome OS’s latest update, Google Meet will be pre-installed on all Chromebooks, making it easy for the users to launch into the app and get on a video call right from the Launcher.

“We’ve also made performance improvements like adapting video calls to different network conditions and adjusting video performance during screen sharing,” said Alexander Kuscher, Director of Chrome OS Software.

Google recently partnered with Zoom to launch an improved version of the app for Chromebooks on the Google Play Store.

The new version delivers faster performance, takes up less storage and includes latest features such as breakout rooms, live transcription and a new background masking feature for privacy.

“To make your video calls even better, you can add Works With Chromebook certified accessories to your setup, including web cameras and headsets from partners like Logitech, EPOS and Lenovo,” Kuscher said in a blog post on Monday.

The company also introduced more shareable and inclusive emoji on Chromebooks with a new shortcut and emoji picker.

Google also made it easier to search for an emoji (currently only available in English) and view related options.

“Chrome OS now supports eSIM for cellular connectivity. With eSIM, you can download and switch between carrier profiles without having to insert or remove a physical SIM card from your laptop,” the company informed.

This feature is only available on eSIM-compatible Chromebooks, like the Acer Chromebook Spin 513 and Acer Chromebook 511.

Google also introduced a new collection of wallpapers from three Black artists, Aurelia Durand, Sabrena Khadija and Meech Boakye.

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