EPFO Alert! Orphan children to get pension; Know the eligibility, amount and other details

Many people lost their loved ones due to Coronavirus in the country. Even many children became orphans. There were many such reports that all the family members died due to corona and the children became all alone. Financial support can be available for such orphaned children under the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS). However, this benefit will be available to those orphan children, whose parents were either salaried or have been EPS members. The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has tweeted about the benefits (EPS Benefits) to the orphan children under the EPS scheme.

What are the benefits of orphan children under EPS?

  • The amount of pension to orphan children will be 75 percent of the monthly widow pension.
  • This amount will be at least Rs 750 per month.
  • Each of the two orphan children will get a pension amount of Rs 750 per month at a time.
  • Under the EPS scheme, the orphan children will be given pension till the age of 25 years.
  • If the children are suffering from any disability then they will be given pension for life.

Will there be any payment for EPS? 

  • For EPS, the company does not deduct any money from the employee’s salary.
  • Some part of the company’s contribution is deposited in EPS.
  • Under the new rule, those with basic salary up to Rs 15,000 will get this facility. 8.33 percent of the salary is deposited in EPS.
  • On having a basic salary of Rs 15,000, the company deposits Rs 1,250 in EPS.

Life certificate to be submitted for pension

Pensioners are required to submit life certificate or digital life certificate for pension payment under the Employees’ Pension Scheme-1995 (EPS-95). Every year pensioners are required to submit life certificate or life certificate. Due to this, there is no obstacle in getting pension. Now the facility of submitting life certificates through video call has also been started.

(Sources: news18.com)

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