Odisha: Famous festival of Goddess Ranaghanta of Tarasingi in Ganjam: Watch

Miraculously, lamps are burnt not only with oil but with water during this festival, which, as believed, becomes possible by the grace of God

Festivals are part of our culture and tradition. It has been incorporated into social traditions for adding value to life. However, with time some of the cultures and traditions lose its importance, but there are still many festivals, which have been observed since years in Odisha. One such festival is the annual festival of Goddess Ranaghanta of Ganjam district.

Divine miracle

In this festival, miraculously, a lamp is burnt using water as the fuel. The holy water of a well inside the River is used as the fuel while the devotees believe that this miracle becomes possible due to the divine power of Goddess Ranaghanta. This astonishment is witnessed in the famous annual Jatra of Goddess Ranaghanta in Tarasingi village of Ganjam.

lamp merged in water getting lighted


Goddess Ranaghanta was the presiding deity of erstwhile kings of Bhanja dynasty in Ghumusar. Two bells are the symbols of Goddess Ranaghanta that were being worshipped by the kings of the Bhanja dynasty.

As per folklores, Bhanja kings used to set out for war, if these two bells, symbol of the Goddess, ring, it is considered as an auspicious symbol and it was being believed that victory was guaranteed.

In the later days, Chakra Bisoyi, a tribal rebel leader of Ghumusar reportedly worshipped the Goddess with the tantric system to get power. It is said, then, the two bells of Goddess Ranaghanta in the jungle used to automatically ring loudly ahead of attack by the British force. After hearing to the bell sound, the army of Chakara Bisoyi was getting alert.

Statue of Chakra Bisoyi

Goddess Ranaghanta in Tarasingi

Later, the forest Goddess Ranaghanta’s symbol, the two bells were established near Tarasingh village. The locals keep faith on the Goddess. They believe that wishes made praying Goddess Ranaghanta, surely get fulfilled. Based on this belief, the annual festival of the Goddess is being observed every year. It is a traditional festival of Ganjam district where thousands of people take part.

Annual festival

Symbol of Goddess is being taken from Her original shrine in forest

About the festival

Every year, ahead of the Dola Purnima day, on Wednesday and Thursday the festival is observed for two days. The original place of the Goddess is in the forest. On the previous Tuesday devotees visit the original shrine of the deity in the nearby hill and welcome the Goddess for the festival. With the prescribed rituals, worship gets done and then the two bells, the symbol of God, are brought in a ceremony to the village.

People witnessing the festival

Village tour of deity

The next event of the festival is the village tour of the deity, called Nagar parikrama. Goddess Kali, who is worshiped in the village temple, is also taken in the procession along with Goddess Ranaghanta.

Devotees who make wishes, manasikadhari

Devotees welcome the visiting deities in front of their houses by burning lamps and incense sticks as well as offering fruits, sweets etc. They also offer the first yield of the year, including cereals like kolatha (horse gram) and vegetables such as simba (flat bean), and amla to the deity. After being offered to the deity only, the villagers consume it.

This village tour of the deity along with the sacred bell is a spectacular event to be witnessed. A large number of devotees from the district as well as from other districts take part in this fest. As per the locals, wishes made with the Goddess surely get fulfilled.

These 2 bells are regarded as the symbol of the Goddess

The miracle

On the second day of the festival, the miraculous event of burning of the lamp using River water as fuel is performed. Hundreds of devotees, who make wishes, called manasikadhari, get assembled and get blessings of the Goddess.

With time, a number of social changes have been witnessed.  Yet, faith in God, worship and festivals has become part of our society. This impression can be witnessed in the Jatra of Goddess Ranaghanta in Ganjam.

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