Covid-19: How safe is it to be around unvaccinated people

While the government is busy making sure that all the adults of the country get vaccinated as soon as possible, many people choose not to get vaccinated, either by choice or because of the short supply of vaccines. The Covid-19 shots might have brought hope for the people to gradually leave behind the pandemic in no time, but the arrival of the Delta Plus variant at such time has washed away many dreams.

The contamination speed in the Delta variant has been observed to be faster than the previously dealing Coronavirus. During this time, an unvaccinated person can prove to be a carrier for the virus to spread from one person to another.

Preventive measures are still important to follow:

Many of us have a wrong idea that being vaccinated means we are safe from the virus forever. To put light on this, these vaccines are not the cure but just an immunity booster that helps our body form stronger cells to fight the virus. Let’s put it this way; the vaccines inject us with tiny cell soldiers which will help our existing ones to fight against the deadly Coronavirus.

The existence of the Delta Plus variant of Covid-19 is a stronger comeback of the disease, which can harm us in more possible ways than ever. Therefore, the guidelines issued by the government such as wearing masks in public places and using sanitizers very often are very important to follow.

Apart from that, making sure to get two doses of vaccination to help our immunity stay stronger and prepared for the battle is highly advisable.

What to do around unvaccinated people?

Whether a family member or a colleague at work, who is unvaccinated, we can be facing situations where we are bound to interact with them. Not just known persons but we also come in contact with many unknown individuals while travelling, or in shopping malls etc. it’s not like we can ask each and everyone about their vaccination status.

In such situation, it is majorly important for each of us to maintain the social distancing rule followed by the rest of COVID guidelines. We must also keep in check with doctors, as any covid symptom can be a sign that we must not avoid.

Albeit a strong immunity, unvaccinated people can end up being an escort for the virus, if they come in contact with it.

Risks that every person carries with them

Even when a person is completely vaccinated with the double dose and might not get affected by the virus, still have a chance of being the contaminator. Major difference between a vaccinated and unvaccinated individual is simply that an unvaccinated person can contaminate to more than one person as the virus stays in their body for a longer period in comparison to a vaccinated person.

The safety in getting out and meeting someone who is unvaccinated largely depends on possible factors such as the kind of area, contagion risks and the level of preventive measures they follow.

Moreover, the risk of danger crowds on all of us as long as a complete cure for the lethal coronavirus isn’t invented.

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